In 2018 the dream of opening a Fusion restaurant came true for the husband and wife power couple behind Mestizo. The owner’s strengths balance each other perfectly, which you notice the moment you step into their quaint Northwood Village restaurant.  

Within the restaurant, Pedro, a former computer technician, can be found mingling with tables, explaining dishes, answering questions and making every guest feel like family. His better half, Misleidy, is the head chef and the heart & soul of Mestizo. Mily’s ability to perfectly combine flavors from different countries, regions and cultures is the reason Mestizo has received so many accolades in such a short period of time.

These accolades include being recognized as one of Yelp’s Top 100 Places To Eat In Florida. Mestizo was one of eight Palm Beach County restaurants to make Yelp’s list.
The creative variations on traditional dishes ensures the menu remains unique while offering dishes for everyone to love.



Fusion Food is a form of cooking that combines contrasting culinary traditions or techniques into a single dish. Food fusion allows experimentation and freedom in exploring a contrast of flavors and textures.

Fusion cooking allows Chef Mily’s creativity to really shine as she is allowed to create her very own original dishes with no boundaries. The ability to combine cooking styles from different cultures gives us the freedom to present you with dishes you won’t find anywhere else.